Welcome to the 13th Annual Providence Improv Fest

The 13th Annual Providence Improv Fest will once again be bringing top improv acts to the Lil Rhody September 22-24, 2016. 
The 13th Annual Providence Improv Festival, will be taking place at AS220 Black Box at 95 Empire St. and AS220 Main Stage at 115 Empire St., in downtown Providence on September 22-24, 2016.  This year’s Fest will feature top improv comedy troupes from throughout the country.  The event will take place in the heart of Downtown Providence at the famous AS220 MainStage and Black Box. Workshops and performances by the AMAZING Susan Messing and Rachael Mason, as "The Boys", History Under The IInfluence from Austin, Tx, Airwolf from UCB NY, and NorthCoast Improv, after parties, and other fun events will make this another great fest!
A special thanks to our sponsors The Providence Improv Guild & Motif Magazine!

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