Welcome to the 11th Annual Providence Improv Fest! We are back and ready to play.

Performances and improv workshops will be held September 18-20, in downtown Providence at 95 Empire Street (formerly Perishable Theatre).

Here is a selection of this year’s Headliners

Magnet Theater Tour Co.

New York, NY - After seeing them here last year, it's clear they are one of the best improv groups performing today. We are thrilled to have them back this year.

Bill & Ace of Available Cupholders

Austin, TX - Their goal is to elevate the form and playing field, shedding light on the ever-changing zeitgeist in which we live, with belly laughs along the way.

North Coast

New York, NY - Performing a fully improvised “Hip H’Opera” right in front of your eyes, they’ve been described as “mind-blowing” and “next level.” You’ll just have to see it for yourself.


New York, NY - What can we say, we love Airwolf and the PIF crowd does too!. Their excitement for the craft is infectious and they always put on a fantastic show.

Big Bang Improv

Boston, MA - Their style-free form has been wowing audiences around the world. A high-energy improv experience that redefines itself with every performance.

The Improvised Puppet Project

Portland, ME - Puppets! People! Improv! It's going to be a blast.

Training For Prom

Baltimore, MD - A troupe young in years and at heart, but old in their souls, they combine whimsy with emotional connection to create that giddy first-date feeling.

Man vs Improv

Hollywood, CA - Expirimenting with the boundaries of duo shows, this inventive group was nominated for “Best New Team” at the 2013 Del Close Awards.