2016 Groups

Adult Crushes - Providence, RI

Agent Superball - Boston, MA

Airwolf  - New York, NY

Bait & Switch - Wakefield, RI

Biscuit City - Providence, RI

The Bit Players - Newport, RI

Bodega  - Boston, MA

Bowlprov  - Providence, RI

The Boys Featuring Susan Messing & Rachael Mason - Chicago, IL

Bring Your Own Improv (BYOI) - Warwick, RI

Buscow  - Boston, MA

Crisis: An Improvised Comic Book  - New York, NY

Cuddle Party - Boston, MA

The Dimple Divers - Norton, MA

Diner Report - Providence, RI

Door Waffle  - Providence, RI

Easel Weasels  - Providence, RI

The Friendship Club  - New York, NY

Freezer Basterdz - Providence, RI

Friday Night Live - Providence, RI

The Garys  - New York, NY & Los Angeles, CA

It's a Match - Providence, RI

Lady Business - Hartford, CT

Large Mouth Bass - Providence, RI

History Under the Influence - Austin, TX

Improv Jones - Providence, RI

Naffy - Boston, MA

Newspaper Podcast - Providence, RI

NorthCoast Improv - New York, NY

Pipes - Musical Improv Comedy - Providence, RI

Principal's Office  - Providence, RI

The Raving Jaynes  - New York, NY

Real Mature - Providence, RI

Riot! - Durham, NC

Speed Of Thought Players (SOTP) - Attleboro, MA

Straight to Video  - Providence, RI

Stranger Than Fiction - Portsmouth, NH

Toast Improv - Amherst, MA

20 Minute Movie - Boston, MA

The Unmentionables - Burlington, VT

Up In The Attic  - Providence, RI

WilburWilburNealbur - Wakefield, RI

Winnipeg - Hartford, CT

The Wrasslers - Albany, NY