Welcome to the 14th Annual Providence Improv Fest

The 14th Annual Providence Improv Festival will take place September 21-23rd in beautiful Downtown Providence, Rhode Island a AS220 Blackbox & MainStage!

Thank You For Your Submissions To The 14th Annual Providence Improv Fest!  We look forward to reviewing each submission and will notify all acts as soon as we can.

We are Super Thrilled to announce Orange Tuxedo, as a headliner to this years fest.   Carla & Craig Cackowski are Orange Tuxedo, a two person improv show from a husband and wife team who, collectively, have been doing improv for seven hundred years.  

Orange Tuxedo-Supermarket

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In this show they aim to create grounded relationships formed by eccentric characters. Craig teaches improvisation at iO West, Carla teaches at The Second City in Hollywood. If you like comedy, you may have seen Craig wear various mustaches and costume pieces on Comedy Central’s Drunk History. If you like drunken history, you may have seen Carla drink various beers on Instagram. They perform regularly at The Second City in Hollywood and recently traveled to Austin for the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (2015), SF Sketchfest (San Francisco 2016, 2017), Phoenix Improv Festival (2016), Del Close Marathon (NYC 2016), Stumptown Improv Fest (Portland 2016), Detroit Improv Festival (2016), IF Cincinnati (2016), Denver Improv Festival (2016) and London, UK (2016).


The fest has hosted premier talent from all over the world, including TJ & Dave, Jill Bernard, Susan Messing, Rachael Mason, David Razowsky, Asaf Ronen, Will Luera, Parrallelogramophonograph, Magnet Theater Tourco, New York NeoFutursists, North Coast Improv, Improv Boston, Airwolf, Big Bang Improv, Improv Nerd with Jimmy Carrane, & more!

"This festival was a joy from start to finish. Don't let the small size fool you- it is deliberately scheduled that way to maximize the audiences, who are truly knowledgeable and delighted to attend the shows. Our hosts were perfect. No shit, we would come back to Providence ANY TIME. The Providence Improv festival is a true gem and we are lifetime fans."
The Boys - Susan Messing & Rachel Mason
This is a great festival, run by great people. - Jimmy Carrane, Improv Nerd Podcast


Providence, was recently designated “The Coolest City In The U.S.” by GQ magazine. And from September 21-23... it gets even cooler, as we host three days of performances, workshops, and after-parties at our downtown theatre spaces. 

Be a part of a festival, rub elbows with some incredible performers, and check out some of the world-class food, art, and fun that Providence can offer within an intimate and picturesque cityscape. Just a stone’s throw from Boston or New York! It’s a small-city festival with a big-city vibe. 

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